The Great Elastic
2019-08-22 — 2019-09-01

The Great Elastic

Kenny Bengtsson, Lars Dyrendom, Barthélémy Garcia, Eva-Teréz Gölin, Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir, Inga Linn Härdelin, Ole Nesset, Tina Umer

Welcome to take part in the opening of the exhibition The Great Elastic at Wip:sthlm the 22/8!

“Photography is an elastic medium. On both a technical and a conceptual level, it performs myriad different functions in myriad different forms. It is not as easy to define what it means to be a photographer today as it perhaps once was.”

This is how Annika von Hausswolff begins her text for the catalogue of the exhibition by eight alumni from Valand Academy’s master program in fine art photography. The exhibition is an intersection of what concerns photography today. In their different work, they twist and turn the concept of photography – what it is and can be.