Mag Blue / Wozniak

Adress: Pingstvägen 36
Postadress: Hägersten, Szwecja
Telefon: 0734777997


Mag Blue is a visual artist who works in painting, photography, sculpture and design. She also expresses her creative sensitivity through installations and performances. She is an active initiator, curator and producer of cultural concepts.
Her art work is exhibited almost all over the world, and the largest private collection of her paintings is in New York.

Welcome to my world! The entire universe is inspiring for me. Usually I create based on high vibrations. There is a particle in me and my quantum charge in everything I do. Regardless of whether I have a brush, camera or, for example, a soldering iron in my hand, I always feel after finishing work that something extraordinary has happened inside me and this feeling is addictive… – Mag Blue

Body language – She and he 2

Body language – Blue high heels

Body language – Barefoot

Timinig - Peace

Timing - Love

Timing - Heart

Timing - Alien